Monday, October 24, 2011

Add It Up

I just--as in less-than-an-hour-ago just--got back from a three day trip to Chicago with my sister, Heather. To say the trip wasn't a great one is like saying--well, I'm really tired and can't come up with a comparison right now, but it's like making some hugely obvious understatement (feel free to insert your own).  From the time I went on my less-than-great trip until just after I got home, I made several observations, which I'm going to write down right now before they go away.  Because I'm ridiculously tired, elaboration will come at a later date. Maybe.

1. I love running outside and looking at pretty things while I do it.
2. I can get lost even when logic dictates that I can't.
3. People who don't have a spouse/bf/gf/significant other are selfish and inconsiderate and don't know how to coexist harmoniously with another human being.
4. The cause-and-effect relationship of Observation Number 3 can probably be switched.
5. Class in no way dictates how good of a person someone is nor does it dictate likeability.
6. The people on my father's side of the family feel the same way about dogs as I do.
7. Chicago is overflowing with Asian people.
8. The girls on my father's side of the family all have the Cappellano hips.
9. I tend to romanticize.
10. Two people from the same family who were raised exactly the same way can be completely different, not just in personalities, but in beliefs/practices/lifestyles/anything and everything.
11. I am a curmudgeon.
12. I really don't want to teach for another 18 years (hell, I don't want to teach for another 18 days!).
13. Florida is poo.
14. I'm past the age of desirability (but you guys already knew that one).
15. My romantic-colored glasses make realism infinitely depressing.

As promised, no elaboration due to my extreme fatigue.
But I'm sure you get the gist.

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