Monday, February 10, 2014

This Place Was Never the Same Again

I've recently seen a few different things alleging that Facebook users construct their statuses and post their pictures in a calculated way in order to make their lives seem better than they actually are. One was a pretty funny video, one was the post of a friend, and one was some kind of article somewhere online. While I believe this is something that could be true, it's definitely not something I'd ever do (hello. Melodrama, angst, and sardonic wit are kinda my things); when I mentioned both of those things to Glenn, however, he replied, I don't know. You laid it on kind of thick on Thursday.

Thursday: People are always on here talking about how their spouses are the best spouses ever, they're so lucky to have them, and blah blibbidy blah. Well, I'm sorry, but they're wrong. Glenn Marthe is the best spouse ever because nobody else, under any circumstance, could have put up with me for the last 19 and a half years. So to him, I say, Happy Birthday! You're now the answer to life, the universe, and everything! But for me, you always have been.

About Thursday? The thing? No extra thickness there.

First of all, the-answer-to-life, the-universe, and-everything thing--that should be recognizable enough. (If it isn't, shame on you! Go and get The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy right now!) Second of all, the thing that comes after it--it's absolutely true.

Yes, I know. It comes as a surprise to me, too.

But, seriously. I am so uncharacteristically happy.

(Uncharacteristically happy, yes. Bopping and bouncing around, smiling, spreading sunshine everywhere I go, no. Pollyanna isn't in the stars for me (really. You know what is? Capricorn. Cold, critical, domineering, pessimistic Capricorn. So for me, uncharacteristically happy means not wanting to stab people in the eye while spewing insults. Repeatedly.))

No matter what has happened in my life, no matter what has happened throughout the years, no matter how flaky and flighty and listless I might occasionally be, Glenn is, and has always been, the thing that grounds me. If it weren't for him, who knows what my mental state would be. When I get moody and irritable from being wet after a shower? Glenn makes me feel better. When I feel a Saturday or Sunday morning episode coming on, Glenn asks me what he can do to help. When I start to get that foggy feeling in my head and think I can't control my insides, Glenn puts up with me (albeit not always as patiently as I might like). And now that I'm not fighting it (now that I'm the new and improved, softer version of Kel), not only is he the thing that grounds me, he's also the thing that makes me happy.


I have to tell you, after building a life on melodrama, angst, and sardonic wit, it's kind of a weird place to be. I'd panic and wonder where I go from here, and you might be doing the same thing, too
but, to quote my mom,

If you know Kelly like I know Kelly...

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