Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Think My Story's Over but It's Ready to Begin

Okay, I know what I said:
I'm starting a new blog,
abandoning this one,
can't post freely without censorship,
whine, whine, whine,
blah blibbidy blah.

And it's true--partly, anyway. I did start a new blog, and I've written it--once. About this one. And so, that take-up-a new-blog business? I think--and I'm not sure (because really, I'm never really sure of anything), but I think--I'll keep it around for the purpose of writing things I can't write here, but despite my claim from a few weeks ago, I won't stop writing here.

You know it's hard for me to quit things.

       You know unless it has to do with my hair, I can't stand change.

              You know I'm a flake (as evidenced here).

Is my changed mind really a shock?

(Confession: One of the main reasons I'm keeping this blog is I can't figure out how to post a profile pic on my new one, and it's making me want to kill people.)

(Confession number two: Starting a new blog from nothing is entirely too daunting.)

(Confession number three: One of the reasons I want to keep my new blog is that it's so pretty, and I really like its name.)

(Confession number four: I'm really vain and like to be read, and the thought of losing all my readers and getting new ones is the pits.)

(Confession number five: I pee in the shower.)

(Confession number six: I sometimes share too much (see previous confession). But that you already know.)

(And a spoiler: One birthday blog, coming up.)

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